Dear Santa:

Dear Santa:

I know its late but before you get to the U.S. you need to recheck your “naughty and nice” list.  In fact I recommend you follow #METOO.

Things are happening very quickly and it is causing great confusion. Please clarify, Is it o.k. for a 32 year old man to date a 14 year old girl?  What if her mother says it is o.k.?  What should be done to the mother who says its o.k.

How do you define the military term, “grab ass”.  As in “Stop playing grab ass.”  BTW:  I didn’t played as I did not understand the rules.

Another question, When is o.k. to say “nice ass.”  I hear women say it a lot about men and they giggle.  I hear men say it about women and the guffaw. I assume they say it at donkey auctions, but I have never been.

You may also be attacked on the obvious sexist environment of your workplace.  It seems you only employ men at the North Pole.  Then you work poor Mrs. Clause like a mule.  Feeding cleaning up after those pesky elves who seem to just tinker, dance and giggle. I don’t know why she stays with you other than the North Pole is far away and you don’t let her drive.

You should also be of the potential of incoming missiles.  At this point, it is anybody’s guess as to where they will come from.  Seems everyone has them and they are all pissed of at the U.S.A.

I am not sure why I am writing this.  When I was six, I asked my dad if Santa is real.  He sat me down, looked into my eyes and said “There used to be, but he died in a plane crash.”

BTW:  How do elves reproduce?

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Trump vs. Sanders

There is no mystery here.  The main issue is a corrupt election process that is controlled by large donors.  Trump won the debate by just saying he donates to gain access to elected officials and everyone else on the stage will be owe someone if elected.

Most of our major legislation is written by experts (lobbyists or members of the industry to be regulated).   Everything is partisan.  Party loyalty is more important than doing the right thing.

Trump and Sanders are breaking rules.  They are not following the party line.  They are not part of the corrupt team.  That is their message and it appears to resounding quite well.  It would be very difficult for any other candidate to use this message.

Lawrence Lessig seems to be the only sane person.  He has not committed to running.  He would crowdsource his campaign and has very interesting ideas on how to get government back into the hands of the electorate.

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Hearing a lot in this election about jobs.  People are looking for them.  What political candidates cannot do is talk about real problems and/or real solutions.  After all, this is an election and we do not want to offend anyone.

The hard truth is that we have lots of jobs.  We just don’t have jobs for the people who need them.  We have a skills gap. 99 weeks of unemployment insurance is not going to get anyone back to work unless they have the skills for this changing world.

The skills shift is hitting everywhere.  Even highly skilled tech people need to be retrained for the changes in technology.  Highly paid and skilled IT jobs evaporate in the Cloud.

There is not short term fix for this.  Yes, we should open immigration to fill these jobs but that does not fix the problem for those in this country who need new skills for these jobs.  The choices we need to make are tougher than any politician would mention. The fact that many people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s may never get back into the workforce is unmentionable.   No one is talking about new skills training.  It appears that would be insulting.

This issue is not jobs, jobs, jobs. It is skills, skills, skills,

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On Puerto Rico

I really like Puerto Rico.  It has the feeling on being in a foreign country yet you are not.  Kind of the opposite of Canada.

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Its about the court.

Its about the court..

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Its about the court.

I really do not have confidence in the philosophy or veracity of candidates for president. The past indicates a gap between campaign rhetoric and performance and philosophy once in office.

What you can count on is what they look for in a Supreme Court justice. That is probably what will make my decision for me. These appointments will have an impact on our country for a very long time as the decisions of the court have a fundamental impact on the course of the country.

If the court strikes down the healthcare law, the appointment of justices will become a central issue of the campaign. Somehow most citizens have ignored the importance of the court. The overturning of such a socially and economically significant piece of legislation will thrust the court into the spotlight. It is about time citizens begin to understand the importance of appointments to the court. Voters must understand the President is key to court appointments. These appointments can be the most lasting legacy of any candidate.

No matter the decision of the court, I will base my vote on what kind of justice I want to fill the next vacancy. It is very obvious the judicial philosophy the candidates.

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New Candidate for US President

It seems that independence are going to decide the election.  As an independent we should have our own representation.  I am considering launching my own write-in campaign.  My slogan “How hard can it be.”  It will look great on T-shirts and banners and college kids will love the slogan just for the pun of it.

Here are some of the key issues:  What the hell is this healthcare act?  I know none of the candidates have read it. the damn thing is 2,800 pages long.  I never read a book that long.  So we are hearing people argue over something they have never read but read a brief that was prepared by some team. My guess is that each member of the team had a section to read.  Then a few under secretaries get to read  each read a part of the report.  Then they work together to produce a summary of the summary they received.  This then goes to the Secretary of Something who reads the summary and makes some notes and sends it to the Presidents chief of Staff.  The Chief of Staff then assigns someone to make a list of the “major points” in the summary.  Then the President, who may have read the list, sits with the Secretary of Something and the both look at the list which is a based on a summary of summaries.

Then the public gets told what is in it.  It is pretty safe to say no one voter will read it.  And the guys in the other party haven’t read it either.  But everyone knows the other team is wrong.

Here is the fix: No law can be longer than the constitution.

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